A Drag & Drop Form Builder plugin for WordPress
Developed by: Djouonang Landry (PHP and Web Developer with Experience developing plugins for WordPress and designing responsive websites )


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1. Drag & Drop Component

Our form builder has an easy to use drag and drop interface where you can build your forms.

3. Antispam Feature

Slack Form Builder implements an antispam feature in its code. Your website users don’t see it, but spam robots will be automatically blocked from sending spam emails.

5. Form Submission Messages

 Configure Success and Error form submission messages

7. Shortcode

Each form you make generates its shortcode. Use your form on any section of your website by copying and pasting its shortcode.

2. Realtime Editing of Form Fields

Slack Form builder allows it users to edit form labels and place holders in realtime (live edits)

4. Ajax based Forms

During development we thought about how your site users will interact with your forms on your site. All forms are ajaxified meaning your site users will submit your forms without reloading the page.

6. Mail Settings

Easy to configure mail settings options.

8. Multiple Forms

You can build as many forms as possible

Why Choose Slack Form Builder?

Form Templates coming soon….