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    Here are some WordPress tasks we can fix for you.

    Website Fix Tasks

    We can fix similar issues for you and much more. The list is not exhaustive. We can fix all your WordPress issues.

    Fix crashed/hacked website issues

    If your website has been hacked or defaced by a hacker don't panic. We'll clean the malware infection and add some protection to your site to prevent it from happening again.

    fix broken wordpress site after core updates

    This can happen. After doing WordPress Core/plugin/theme updates an error can break or complicate your website.

    Fix unable to login to site admin area issues

    Are you unable to login to your website's backend/admin area? We can resolve this problem for you. It could be you are being blocked by a security plugin or you changed the login url to your website or critical errors from one of your plugins. You could even have forgotten your login credentials. Whatever it is we'll sort it out.

    fix critical errors

    WP plugins, themes or even the PHP version of your website can sometimes lead to critical errors on WordPress websites. We'll diagnose the cause of the errors and fix them for you.

    fix white screen of death

    White screens/page of death error usually appears due to a plugin or theme incompatibility, code conflicts or php errors, or may also happen at your host's end. Our tech team will follow a step-by-step process to find and fix the offending culprit

    fix php errors

    The WordPress framework itself was developed using PHP. As result, PHP errors can arise every now and then especially when core updates have been done and the PHP version of the website is obsolete. We'll fix any PHP error on your site that makes it not to work properly.

    fix Error establishing a database connection

    Possibly the most common cause of the Error Establishing a Database Connection is simply that WordPress has incorrect database configuration. We've resolved this issue a number of times for different websites. We'll fix yours too.

    Fix corrupt & broken files

    Did you notice errors on your website that your files or database are broken, missing or corrupted. Anything from posts and categories sporadically disappearing and reappearing to error messages? Don't worry. It may not be your fault. We'll identify the root cause repair your website.

    fix lost admin priviledges

    Sometimes, you may be able to login to your website's backend, but you don't see any of the admin functionality. You may have lost admin privileges. This can be due to a hack or you accidentally changed your role as administrator to something else. We'll restore your admin privileges to you and verify to make sure you can see your backend's admin configuration options.

    fix bugs or broken website after updating plugins or theme​

    You may experience a broken or buggy website after updating your WordPress plugins and theme. This could be due to code conflict, incompatibility or even jquery conflict. Contact us right away and we'll fix your website for you.

    unable to edit or create new wordpress pages

    Can't edit or create new pages on your WordPress site? Just get in touch and we'll fix the problem for you. You will be able to create and edit your existing blog pages after our fix.

    You have received an email from your site saying "Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Difficulty."

    Websites using recent versions of WordPress will usually display the error message: "Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Difficulty" whenever there is an error. The error can be frustrating as it does not give any direct clue as to what has gone wrong unless you check the administrator's email address. We have experience dealing with this type of errors.

    fix Contact forms not delivering emails

    Did you contact forms suddenly stop sending mails to your email? Contact forms can sometimes provide basic errors, or simple not deliver mail correctly. This maybe due to a recent update on your contact form plugin or wrong smtp configuration. You may be missing on important leads due to this. Don't worry we can fix this for you and quickly.

    Set up website caching/ Improve website speed

    In a bid to make your website faster, you may need to set up caching on your website. We can do this for you. We won't just stop there we'll also optimize your website further to improve your website's speed.

    Tweak CSS & fix broken website design

    Did you need some minor tweaks to your website's css. Is your website's design broken? Get us on board we'll do all css tweaks that you request. We will also fix identify the cause of your broken design and fix it.

    configure wordpress plugin

    In a bid to make your website faster, you may need to set up caching on your website. We can do this for you. We won't just stop there we'll also optimize your website further to improve your website's speed.

    Domain names Fix Tasks

    We fix all issues that are related to your domain names and/ or DNS provider, as long as you provide us with the right access.

    Configure DNS

    If you have new DNS records to add, need an external provider setting up, or want to move DNS from one provider to another, wordpressdesignfix.com can do it for you. Whatever the record type; A, CNAME, MX, TXT or any other record type, we will add the record, and ensure that it has propagated to all of your nameservers and that it resolves from various locations.

    Create an SPF record

    An SPF record identifies the mail servers and domains that are allowed to send email on behalf of your domain. It improves email deliverability, informing mail recipients which mail servers, domains and IP addresses should be legitimately sending mail. We will configure this for you and add the DNS record.

    Transfer Domain between providers

    Moving domains between providers can be frizzy. Let us handle the process for you and deal with any hurdles that arise. If you are missing information or encountering a problem, we'll outline the issue and help to resolve it.

    Set up custom nameservers

    Custom nameservers allow you to use ns1/ns2.yourdomain.com rather than your web host's nameservers. As long as your provider allows it, we will configure this with the registry so than you can use these vanity nameservers.

    Add Cloudflare

    Cloudflare is an external DNS provider which can help in protecting you from DDOS attacks and malicious users. We will move your DNS to your Cloudflare account and set your domain to route via there.

    Set up Google Apps

    We'll configure MX records as well as CNAME records for Google Apps. If verification is required, we will walk you through all the steps you need to take with Google.

    Web Hosting Fix Tasks

    We fix all issues related to web hosting. Who is your hosting provider? Just tell us what your issue is and fix it for you. Below are just a few of the web hosting issues we can fix for you.

    Change Site Domain

    Do you wish to change the domain name of your hosting to another: This may involve pointing the DNS of a new domain, updating the hosting configuration, and redirecting the old domain so as to avoid lost customers, dead links and duplicate SEO penalties. We can do this for you with no downtime involved.

    Optimise/Clean Up Hosting

    We'll do a check through your existing hosting account, removing superfluous files or problematic old content, clearing unused plugins and cache files. We'll also lock down areas that should not have public access allowed and check file and folder permissions.

    Configure Hosting

    Depending on your needs, we'll configure a blank shared hosting environment; this involves setting up domains, subdomains, and providing you with the correct account credentials, assisting you with uploading and running your website.

    Website Migration

    Move your website from one hosting provider to another using our excellent website migration service. We'll perform the migration at a time of your choosing.

    Activate SSL

    Set up an SSL certificate on your hosting environment, allowing your visitors to view your site using https://, a secure way to send data between a web server and a web browser. This may be constrained by access from your host, but we can assist with workarounds if required.

    Force SSL

    Force an already installed SSL certificate on your website, so that all users are required to access your site securely without any browser errors or trust issues.

    Configure Redirects

    Redirects are vital for good SEO. We'll set up redirects in your .htaccess file, avoiding conflicts with applications. From old pages to new, or from old domains to new domains to avoid 404 page not found errors.

    Update PHP Settings

    Do you need to change your PHP settings Edit your php.ini file to change settings such as max_execution_time, upload_file_size, or to show or suppress error messages. Change and upgrade php version if possible: We can do that for you by editing your php.ini file and upgrade your php version if possible

    for Backups

    We offer excellent back up service. Backups can be self-configured, but our team of course can handle the whole process on your behalf. It is more reassuring to know an excellent team is in charge of your backups.

    Set up Backups

    Configure both files and databases for regular backups We will set up backups in the best possible way for your site.

    Restore a site

    Do you want to roll your website back to a previous version? We are more than happy to do it for you.

    On demand Backups

    Take a backup on demand so that you have a version of your website at a particular point in time.

    for cPanel

    cPanel is a hosting control panel used by millions of websites. We can support cPanel users with cPanel hosting packages

    Manage Domains

    Create and manage domains, addon domains, parked domains (aliases), and move them around. We can also adjust where the files for each domain are located, and set up redirects between them.

    Create FTP Accounts

    Manage FTP accounts for file management. Advise on SSH/SFTP options, and provide paths for correct use. We'll even walk you through configuration of third party desktop software such as FileZilla.

    Database Administration

    Audit, Creation, Management and Optimisation of cPanel databases. Including setting the right user permissions, managing users, and setting up third party access correctly.

    Set up Emails with email clients (mobile and desktop)

    cPanel comes with email software built in, but still needs configuration. We'll overview DNS, then setup email services are required, even helping to configure your desktop and mobile applications to access them.

    Diagnose internal server errors

    500 internal server errors can be caused by a variety of issues - usually php errors or syntax issues in your .htaccess file. We will diagnose and fix them for you, or provide an outline of the cause.

    Set up cron jobs

    Cron jobs are scripts that are run on a regular basis - either on the server, or using a wget to request the file. They may be required for regular site updates, or scripts that check for changes.

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    Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. You can also request for a custom plan that suits your needs. Simply contact us.

    Yes you can. We understand you may want a custom plan that combines various services together to suit your needs. We give you the opportunity to build your own WordPress Care Plan for your website.

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