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    Glosmacom is a maritime consultancy firm. Its initial page speed score was 43 on mobile as shown in the image. The mobile pagespeed metrics is the most important element to resolve to improve user experience for site users.


    The optimization for Glosmacom was done by Landry of WordPress Design Fix, a Web developer and PageSpeed Specialist. After implementing fixes on the website, the pagespeed of Glosmacom improved considerably.

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    Why Website owners should focus on web vitals?

    Core Web Vitals are part of Google’s overall evaluation of  Page Experience.

    In 2021, Google plans to make page experience an official Google ranking factor on its search engine.

    These Web Vitals allow site owners to measure and improve site speed, layout stability and interactivity.

    Optimized Web Vitals will improve search ranking and drive more users to your site.

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