Project Brief:

Moovashop is an online drop shipping business based in the USA and serving markets in the USA, CHINA, and Africa.

The Problem

Moovashop’s Website Crashed! WordPress Plugin Problem Quickly Fixed.

They had tried to make some plugin updates on their website but received an error. On retrying, the website crashed and they faced the white screen of death.

With no current support provider, they contacted Glowebby’s WordPress Support Specialists for emergency WordPress support on their website.

Step 01

Gather all information

When Moovashop’s website crashed and they were faced with the White Screen of Death, they needed professional WordPress support quickly. They filled the form on our website and contacted us who were happy to accept the challenge and restore their website!

Step 02

The Solution

Due to the nature of the crash, Glowebby’s WordPress Specialists were unable to log in to the WP Admin panel. Consequently we entered the site at the file level and carefully examined the plugins, themes and code in place.

Working through custom trouble-shooting procedures, a specific plugin was found to be causing the fatal error. Using our standard processes, we were quickly able to resolve the problem and get the client back up and running. Even better, there was no data loss and no need to roll back to a previous version of the website.

Step 03

Finally Get the Result

On occasion plugin updates can cause fatal errors in a WordPress website. When that happens, professional WP support is required. In this case, Glowebby were able to access the site, identify the malfunctioning plugin and get the client back up and running quickly.