We developed a WP plugin for a safety training company offering offshore safety training such as BOSIET and HUET.


The Problem

The company offers short offshore safety training programs like BOSIET and HUET to Oil and Gas companies and workers who work offshore. At the end of each training trainees are issued certificates of completion and badges.

The problem was that the company had to rely on its IT department to mount certificates using Illustrator and Photoshop before printing.

The Solution

We developed a custom plugin to automate the making of certificates and badges by filling a form. The features of the plugin include:

1. The application generates certificates of trainees based on information entered in a form with same design.

2. The application automatically calculates the expiry date of the certificate based on the type or training specified. This means the software has been programmed with our various trainings and knows their period of validity. So it auto prints the expiry date on the certificate and success card without us specifying.

3. The application automatically generates qr code for the certificate.

4. The application automatically saves trainees record to database.

5. Also we have updated the database verification system on the website to show trainee’s picture during certificate verification on the company’s website. The verification system previously developed by WordPress Design Fix only did not show candidate’s picture as it does now.

The Final Result

The company no longer needed to rely solely on the IT team for making their certificates. This plugin meant anyone could make certificates by just filling the form with the trainee’s details. The client was very satisifed with the new development.